Saturday, November 10, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)
B'Elanna Torres has sex dreams! I know how that is, except mine are rarely given to me by apple-cheeked grandmotherly figures. I've heard of the Tooth Fairy, but the Wet Dream Fairy is something else entirely!

While acting as a taxi service for a group of Enarans skilled in energy conservation, B'Elanna sleeps late as much as she can to experience nocturnal romantic encounters. In the dreams she's living someone else's life, and beds a boy her father disapproves of.

The Enarans are reminiscent of the Ulians with their telepathic intrusions. Christine Sullivan's dad from Night Court assures everyone that none of them share memories involuntarily, nor could there be any weird spillover that might be harming Torres. And we ALL trust telepaths, right?

Jora Mirell (Korenna in her youth) was the daughter of a leader who pushed very hard for progress at at any cost. The local Amish people (called The Regressives) weren't so keen on rapid technological advances. For the crime of not using flouride toothpaste, the Regressives were rounded up and burned alive. Every last one. Pretty hot stuff, huh?

Korenna shouted for the rightness of her father's cause when she betrayed her boyfriend Dathan and got him incinerated. She spent her life telling kids how the Regressives had SO sadly brought their deaths on themselves with fighting and disease in their backward, filthy community.

When aged Mirell very conveniently dies, will Torres keep silent?

"Remember" is one of those semi-erotic Holocaust Denial allegories you've heard so much about. Janeway points out it's not their place to judge others and the Enaran's choice to tamper with their own history. But as Torres suggests: "This could happen again if no one knows it happened before." Originally aired in October, but I think it plays better just before Remembrance Day, don't you?

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